Mainstream media is lying about the NRA's position on bumpstocks.
October 6th, 2017 2:02 am
The mainstream media is trying to redirect the responsibility for the bumpstocks used by the shooter in Las Vegas to turn his guns into fully automatic machine guns from semi automatic rifles. This man never would I had these rifle add-ons if it wasn't for the Obama administration. ATF declared that these stocks were illegal to possess and sell and Obama did not take the time from his busy golf schedule to even consider the danger that was being released on the streets of America. The mainstream media is trying to say that it is the NRA that is fighting to allow these devices on the street. This is not so the NRA sees no rational purpose in these devices, and is not fought or lobbied to keep them legal.

The truth of the matter is that a bill will eventually be presented to Pres. Trump that will restrict these devices, I'm sure along with that bill will be other requirements that will further restrict people's rights under the Second Amendment. Pres. Trump will very unlikely get a clean bill that w  Read more...
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Why do people go to sporting events?
September 24th, 2017 2:35 am

Why do people go to sporting events? Is it to see multimillionaires spit on the country's flag and disrespect those who give them the right for peaceful protest? These super rich protesters are complaining about the society that made them wealthy. They are complaining about the people who keep them safe and risk their lives so they may enjoy their First Amendment rights.

When anyone complains about the spectacle on the field during the national anthem the retort is, "it is our First Amendment right to protest against abuse". And this is true but am I expected to pay you to watch you do this? Is it my responsibility and obligation to show up at your games and pay your entry fee, or to buy your memorabilia at exorbitant prices? And is it the responsibility of your employer and the NFL to give you the time and the platform to make your political statements? The stadium is no place for a dialogue concerning your complaints, because the dialogue can only go in one direction in that situation a

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What is the true numbers on DACA? (THE LIE)
September 15th, 2017 6:50 am
The backers of the dreamers act claim that 800,000 children would be granted residency which would later lead to citizenship if the new bill the Democrats are proposing passes. When they defined the dreamers they say that it is children who were brought across the border unwillingly by their parents. The argument is to deport them would break up the family and that these children do not know anything but the American life. So for no fault of their own we should allow them to stay, what they aren't saying is that their parents are here in this country and will also be allowed to stay. And this also allows the family to bring across the border legally other close family members. The numbers have been estimated to being close to 11 million new Democratic voters, not 800,000.What we are doing is rewarding the parents for illegally entering the country with their children and having them educated in American schools on taxpayer money.
The compassionate thing to do would be to keep families together an  Read more...
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President Donald Trump slept last night as Americans died
August 27th, 2017 11:13 pm
President Donald Trump slept last night, apparently unaware that millions of Americans were being flooded out of their homes and losing all of their possessions. Is it possible that Donald Trump's staff is shielding him from the death and pain coming from global warming catastrophes such as this? How could anybody sleep so soundly knowing of the destruction and death was occurring in his own homeland. Where was the government to stop this carnage from occurring, and why don't they do something to stop this downpour before every house in America is...   Read more...
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Is it time for new party?
August 2nd, 2017 5:32 pm
Every time we discuss starting a third-party someone brings up that parties always fail, and that the proper way would be for us to take over one of the parties and move it in our position, preferably the right.
Right now we have four or five Republicans that are holding back from making this country a great nation again. These are nothing more than Democrats caring Republican name, Rinos. The trouble is these are senators and they serve a six-year term and that means you only get one shot every six year to get rid of them.
We have some Democrats coming up for reelection in 2018 I think it would be worthwhile to concentrate on defeating them and adding to the majority, attempting to override our own rhinos, this would be a much sounder strategy.
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