Democrats squirm under pressure of illegal surveillance by the Obama administration.
March 15th, 2017 4:09 pm
So now we know that trumps server was in fact under surveillance by American intelligence organizations for at least two weeks while Obama was president.

The spin now is the trump lied because the surveillances were not actually wiretaps. They know they been caught but the only thing to do is point to trump and call him a liar because he used the wrong term. You cannot wiretap cell phones or wiretap computers in the strict sense of the word. And this is the only hope the Democrats have to keep their people out of jail, playing with the words even though their own mainstream media claimed back in January that trump had in fact been wiretapped.

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So now we're going to hit trump on his taxes, for 2005.
March 14th, 2017 9:36 pm
 It's really strange how hard the mainstream media is going to attempt to unseat the president of United States. The coming up with all kinds of things that we should know concerning Donald Trump. However the last administration was able to hide all the college transcripts, the selective service status and the statements made by him to enter the colleges as a foreign student.

That will going to see the Donald Trump paid very little money on his personal taxes. This is only a guess on my part because they have not been released yet. But having been in business I know that your business pays a majority of the taxes from the wealth you have earned. And does this make any difference? One way or another the government gets the money, in fact when it's concerning business they get quite a lot more money from the filings because the tax rate is significantly higher. But I'm sure were fine many faults and  President Trump tax returns unlike that of Bill Clinton's when he was  Read more...
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Clinton election campaign met with Russian ambassador
March 13th, 2017 5:27 pm
So the Clintons campaign also contacted the Russian ambassador. The Clintons have refused to tell us exactly what was discussed at these meetings, and debriefings. There is a cloud secrecy put over what exactly the Clinton campaign was trying to accomplish and what deals were made. An anonymous source tells us that the couldve been a close meeting which was held in a highly secured conference room removing the possibility of any surveillance from American intelligence agencies. We like to make it very important that you understand that at this time we have no proof of this allegation, we will not see the truth until the investigation has been conducted by an independent counsel. This is a very serious charge which could lead to legal problems for members of the Clinton election campaign.  Read more...
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