Why do people go to sporting events?
September 24th, 2017 2:35 am     A+ | a-

Why do people go to sporting events? Is it to see multimillionaires spit on the country's flag and disrespect those who give them the right for peaceful protest? These super rich protesters are complaining about the society that made them wealthy. They are complaining about the people who keep them safe and risk their lives so they may enjoy their First Amendment rights.

When anyone complains about the spectacle on the field during the national anthem the retort is, "it is our First Amendment right to protest against abuse". And this is true but am I expected to pay you to watch you do this? Is it my responsibility and obligation to show up at your games and pay your entry fee, or to buy your memorabilia at exorbitant prices? And is it the responsibility of your employer and the NFL to give you the time and the platform to make your political statements? The stadium is no place for a dialogue concerning your complaints, because the dialogue can only go in one direction in that situation and, disrespecting the American flag and the men and women that fought for that flag is not a dialogue.

Maybe it's time that people quit wasting their money on a bunch of overpaid inconsiderate self-centered idiots, and find themselves another form of entertainment that doesn't require listening to some spoonfed mama's boy complain about how tough life is.

I for one am not coming to any more of your games, and that includes watching on television, until the NFL cleans up its act and quits forcing me to sit through this sad display of anti-Americanism and the hatred shown for those that have given their lives for these punks.

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