Mainstream media is lying about the NRA's position on bumpstocks.
October 6th, 2017 2:02 am     A+ | a-
The mainstream media is trying to redirect the responsibility for the bumpstocks used by the shooter in Las Vegas to turn his guns into fully automatic machine guns from semi automatic rifles. This man never would I had these rifle add-ons if it wasn't for the Obama administration. ATF declared that these stocks were illegal to possess and sell and Obama did not take the time from his busy golf schedule to even consider the danger that was being released on the streets of America. The mainstream media is trying to say that it is the NRA that is fighting to allow these devices on the street. This is not so the NRA sees no rational purpose in these devices, and is not fought or lobbied to keep them legal.

The truth of the matter is that a bill will eventually be presented to Pres. Trump that will restrict these devices, I'm sure along with that bill will be other requirements that will further restrict people's rights under the Second Amendment. Pres. Trump will very unlikely get a clean bill that would just deal with this one problem.

If only Pres. Obama would've paid attention and use his pen and phone to direct the ATF not to sign off on these devices when they first hit the market, dozens of lives would have been saved.
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